Academic Fest

Big thanks to Participants, Parents, Judges, Partners, and Volunteers – please see attached

Event Details:

  • Date : August 7th 2021
  • Time : 8:00AM CDT to 4:00PM CDT
  • Venue : Virtual Competitions

Prize Distribution (Trophy and Certificate):

Address15300 University Blvd, Sugar Land, TX 77479

August 8, 4 PM CDT

Academic Fest 2021 Exam Results

High School 2021 Results

Middle School 2021 Results

Elementary School 2021 Results

Primary School 2021 Results

Rules for exam

Final Mock Run before exam date: Thursday August 5th, 8:15PM CDT

Topic: Second Mock run and Q&A before Exam – BANA Academic Fest 2021
Time: Aug 5, 2021 08:15 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Mock Run 1: Sunday August 1st at 10AM CDT

Mock Run 1st August Presentation

Mock Run Recording

Please pre-register at for Math, Science, and Vocabulary practice tests, mock tests, or final exam

Institution code is BANA

Registration Links:

Please select one of these two below. In addition, register at with institution code BANA for Math/Science/Vocabulary Tests, and for SAT (for testmasters, see below)

Registration is closed.

Math, Science, and Vocabulary Practice Tests:

Instruction for Math, Science, and Vocabulary Practice Tests (Tests Available)

High School Science Practice Test is available here

Additional outside questions on Math, Science, and Vocabulary:

Spelling Bee:

Organizers will try to remain within the word lists given below. If competition is not moving forward, organizers may select words outside of given list below.

Primary Spelling Bee Practice Words

Elementary Spelling Bee Practice Words

Spelling Bee Practice at Spellpundit

Speech (Middle Grade) Topics:

Resolved: Increased United States federal regulation of cryptocurrency transactions and/or assets will produce more benefits than harms.
Resolved: In the United States, social media is beneficial for democratic values.
Resolved: A public health emergency justifies limiting civil liberties.

PS: These topics are courtesies other public sources

Duration: 3 minutes

Depending on number of students, more than one round could be conducted but topics will remain within three above

SAT Practice (by before test exam on the event day:

Grade 9-12 (High) – SAT Practice Test sponsored by TestMasters.  TestMasters offers very popular courses for the SAT, ACT, and PSAT.  Per stats from testmasters, almost 90% of the perfect SAT and ACT scorers and National Merit Semifinalists in the city are TestMasters students.  Please visit for more information on TestMasters courses.




ART / Painting:

Use Crayon and painting paper preferably 8 1/2 X 11

You will be given theme just before the exam

Once finished, please scan (even with smaprtphone) and send to email given by coordinators

Schedule for August 7, the day of exam:

Grade: 1-3 (Primary) – General Math, ART / Painting, Spelling Bee (New for online)

Orientation (8AM CDT), ART (8:30, 45 Minutes), Math (9:30AM, 40 minutes), Spelling Bee (11:30AM, approx. 2 hours), Results (4 PM), Prizes (Date TBD)
For Spelling Bee on the day of exam, one laptop, and another laptop or a smartphone will be needed for each student

Grade 4-5 (Elementary) – General Math, Science, ART / Painting, Spelling Bee (New for online)

Orientation (8AM CDT), Math (9:00AM, 40 minutes), Science (10:00AM, 40 minutes), ART (11:00 AM, 45 minutes),  Spelling Bee (1:30PM, approx 2 hours), Results (4 PM), Prizes (Date – TBD)
For Spelling Bee for the day of exam, a laptop, and another laptop or a smartphone will be needed for each student

Grade 6-8 (Middle) – General Math, Science, Vocabulary, Speech (New for online)

Orientation (8AM CDT), Math (8:30AM, 40 minutes), Science (9:30AM, 40 minutes), Vocabulary (10:30 AM, 40 minutes),  Speech (1:00PM, approx 1 hour, 5 minutes duration), Results (4 PM), prizes (Date – TBD)

Grade 9-12 (High) – Science, SAT Practice Test

Orientation (8AM CDT), SAT without essay (8:30AM – 3 hours 15 minutes), Science (1:00PM – 2 hours), Results (4PM), Prizes (Date – TBD)



Registration Details :

  • Registration Deadline : August 4th, 2021 5PM CDT
  • Registration Fees : $20.00 per student

Student Registration Links :

Registration is closed.

Winners for each activity grade-wise are awarded trophies and certificates.

Registration Fee includes ALL activities for each student in his/her category.

Seats are limited. Only First 200 students will be accepted.
No registration will be accepted after 08/04/2021

For inquiry, please contact: