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Bihar Association of North America (BANA) is an organization of people of Bihar origin residing in North America. BANA was formed to preserve and promote social and cultural heritage of Bihar. The organization came into existence on March 27, 1992 and since then it is providing a common forum for cultural and social interactions between its members.

BANA has been very successful in bringing the families and friends of Bihar and Jharkhand together as a larger joint family. In addition, BANA has worked very hard all these years in propagating the rich heritage of this ancient land in India and also in establishing our identity in USA.

The need for an association for Bihari families was always felt since the early eighties. The concept and dream of BANA was in the hearts and minds of all Biharis. Many of them took serious initiative and BANA- South West Region was inaugurated on March 27, 1992. The President and Executive Committee were elected on August 8, 1992 and BANA took shape as a formal organization. In the very first year of its inception twelve Bihari families became life members. Since then it has shown a continuous upward growth in size as well as in prestige. In the year 2000, BANA achieved its status as a Non-Profit Organization. We wish to extend our felicitations to the individuals and the families for their dedicated efforts in laying the foundation of BANA and nurturing and supporting it all along its development. We are very proud to recognize their services.

BANA continued its community program of family picnics and get-togethers. It also organized the Annual BANA Academic Fest. This event has become well known in the Houston Community and has also drawn a large attendance. It is one of the best-organized events in Houston.

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Appreciation & Greetings.

State of Texas, Office of the governor (1992)

The City of Houston (1992)

Counsel General of India, Houston (2004)

Harris County Judge (2004)